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The spotlight finds your brand, the crowd's energy swells around you, and in that moment, you know – You're not just at an event. You are the heart of the event. Welcome to the world of BREATHE! EXP!, where we don't just put on events; we curate and produce legendary experiences, and you're the star.


Level up! Imagine this:

On this stage, the environment we've crafted buzzes with a unique blend of creativity and technology, all fine-tuned to elevate your presence. Here, among the RIGHT PEOPLE – your ideal audience – your message resonates deeply. It's more than an event; it's a movement sparked by your decision to hire us, amplified by our expertise, creating an unforgettable experience.

This is what it feels like to work with BREATHE! EXP! – where your desire to not just throw an event, but to create a buzzworthy event is made into a remarkable reality. Whether, party, summit, convention, or show, we are here to ensure that your brand, your company, is more than just a backdrop on a step n’ repeat; it's celebrated and revered.

What we can do for your event

As an event production service provider, we handle a comprehensive range of executive and administrative tasks to ensure the seamless execution of your event. Our expertise includes negotiating and securing venues, managing founder folders, and prospecting and securing third-party vendors such as catering and furniture suppliers. We meticulously schedule and coordinate all vendors, participants, onsite staff, and logistics, managing agreements, form creation, honoree invites, and database management. Notably, we have facilitated the attendance of esteemed honorees like Gary Shapiro, Shelley Berkley, and Pavan Agarwal, overseeing the run of show, box office operations, legal communications, investor onboarding, and talent acquisition. Additionally, we foster future event alignment by inviting key show producers and managing affiliate and promo codes.

Executive and Administrative


In the creative realm, our dedicated department specializes in crafting an engaging event experience through meticulous branding, domain selection, and event naming surveys. We excel in content creation, website maintenance, and designing social media templates to enhance event visibility. Our team develops comprehensive sales tools such as sponsorship and advertising decks, opportunity databases, and promotional reels, while also creating and managing customized VIP web pages. We ensure seamless communication of creative and technical specifications and provide supplementary video files as needed.

Communications & PR

Our communications and PR department excels in amplifying event exposure through strategic PR reports, press release writing, distribution, and interview planning. We maintain copy standards, handle event list submissions, verify and onboard media, and perform final edits for end production readiness.

The development department focuses on fostering business growth through comprehensive reports, strategic alliance engagements, and sponsorship and startup outreach efforts. We manage webinars and develop databases for post-event outreach, ensuring a lasting impact on the event.

Sales & Development

Social Media

Our social media experts curate impactful reports on social media impact and ticket outreach, create engaging posts, manage post schedules, and oversee audience engagement and outreach efforts for virtual viewing options.

Global Engagement

For brands and companies who are headquartered outside of the U.S., we help grow exposure for your brand in the U.S. market. We specialize in strategic alliance engagement, sponsorship outreach, and facilitating meetings with key business leaders and investors from the MENA Region, Francophone Countries, and Latin America.

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