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Imagine stepping into a world where your startup's potential is not just recognized but celebrated. Welcome to BREATHE! Exp, a realm where market-ready innovations are the stars of the show. This isn't just a platform; it's a launchpad for ideas that are ready to take flight.


Marc-Lionel Gatto

Picture yourself on stage, under the spotlight, at our Startup Pitch Series. Here, you're not merely talking about your product; you're showcasing a prototype that's ready to change the game. The audience is filled with investors and industry leaders, their eyes fixed on you, eager to witness innovations that are beyond just concepts. This is your moment to shine, to show the world that your startup is more than an idea – it's a reality waiting to happen.

Startup Pitch Series

Now, let's turn the page to our flagship event, the Annual Superpitch. Envision a gathering where the air crackles with anticipation and potential. The most promising startups, including yours, are here. It's more than a pitch; it's a battle of wits, innovation, and vision. You're not just competing; you're collaborating, networking, and finding opportunities that could catapult your startup to new heights.

Annual Superpitch

But the story of BREATHE! Exp extends beyond pitches.

Imagine a spectrum of events unfolding around you. One day you're part of an industry panel, discussing cutting-edge trends; the next, you're immersed in a cultural showcase, where business meets art and entertainment. BREATHE! Exp is a mosaic of experiences, constantly evolving, always surprising.

Diverse Experiences

Think of our events as more than pitch sessions. They are bustling hubs of networking, mentorship, and growth. Here, every handshake, every exchange is a potential seed for collaboration and success.

A Platform for Growth and Connection

Our mission at BREATHE! Exp is serving as the storyteller for startups ready to make an impact. We believe in the power of your venture and provide the stage for it to receive visibility, acknowledgment, and support.


Why BREATHE! Experience? Because here, we focus on the tangible, the market-ready. We offer variety and flexibility, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of business and entertainment.

Join Us: If you're a startup with a vision ready for unveiling, or an investor seeking the pulse of new innovation, BREATHE! Experience is your destination. Transform into a part of our narrative as we continue to explore, expand, and celebrate the world of startups and beyond. Here, your story merges into a larger tapestry, woven with success, innovation, and endless possibilities. Welcome to BREATHE! Exp – where your journey leaps into the extraordinary.

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